Egyptian Dukkah
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From the famous land of the Nile River and the great pyramids, hails this beguiling blending of aromatic spices, flavorful hazelnuts and tasty sesame. This sultry mix is ideally suited to a variety of vegetarian dishes. Koshari, a mixture of rice, lentils and macaroni is a prominent Egyptian favorite. But don’t stop there, as any number of bean, squash and even chicken or fish dishes will be imbued with rich flavor with the addition of this welcoming blend.

Ingredients: Toasted hazelnuts, toasted coriander seeds, toasted sesame seeds, toasted cumin seeds, toasted fennel seeds, peppermint, Tellicherry black peppercorns, crushed red pepper flakes and Mediterranean sea salt

Net weight 2 oz.

Egyptian Dukkah

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