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    1000 Day Flowering Tea Camellia Rose China Black Tea with Red Rose Petals
    1000 Day Flowering TeaCamellia RoseChina Black Tea with Red Rose Petals

    An artisan green tea, slightly dry character with light floral notes. Hints of sweet caramel sugar are sprinkled on the finish. The tea comes from tender spring buds of Fujian tea plantations, 500m to 800m above sea level. Traditional Chinese...

    A lovely medium body flavor profile. This tea offers a smooth cup with hints of fruit and sweet floral notes wafting through this camellia delight. We send you three flowering teas per package. Luxury Ingredients: Black tea, rosebud, lavender petals and camellia blossom Net weight: .60 ounces

    Picture a bouquet of fresh-cut roses ~ the delightful aromas. This tea captures the subtleties of rose incredibly. Fabulous over ice!

    Luxury Ingredients: China black tea and red rose petals

    Net weight: .70 ounces

    Green Tea with Jasmine Flowers Green Tea with Pink Rosebuds Weeping Rose
    Green Tea with Jasmine FlowersGreen Tea with Pink RosebudsWeeping Rose

    An enchanting combination of gunpowder green tea leaves with jasmine flower blossoms. This floral fusion will delight your senses.

    Picture a bouquet of fresh-cut roses ~ the delightful aromas. This tea captures the subtleties of rose incredibly. Fabulous over ice!

    Luxury Ingredients: Gunpowder green tea and pink rosebuds

    Net weight: .70 ounces

    Flowering Weeping Rose artisanal flowering tea comes from the Yunnan province of China. Flavor profile ~ an exquisite white tea character with delicate rose hints and a finish reminiscent of plum blossoms. We send you three flowering teas per...

    3 Flower Burst Tea Adobo Allspice Salt
    3 Flower Burst TeaAdoboAllspice Salt

    An artisan tea with smooth and satisfying green tea notes. The peach character of osmanthus comes to the fore with hints of jasmine and lily. Not only is Yunnan famous for premium tea, but also for flowers. This tea is produced by tying lily,...

    The word derives from the Spanish word ‘adobar’, which means to marinate. A staple in Latin American cuisines, this flavorful garlic-infused blend is perfect for all meats and fish, either as a dry rub or for wet marinades.

    Ingredients: Finely ground allspice and Mediterranean sea salt

    Net weight 3.4 oz.

    Anise Sugar Arabian Baharat Barbeque
    Anise SugarArabian BaharatBarbeque

    Ingredients: Anise and organic cane sugar

    Net weight 4.3 oz.

    Baharat means spices and this alluring blend hales from the ancient land of sun and sand. Transport yourself into the exotic cuisine of Arabia with this alluring seasoning, adding a rich intensity of flavor to kabobs, meat and vegetable stews,...

    The term ‘barbeque’ originates from the Caribe Tribes and means “Sacred Fire”. This bold and zesty all-American blend holds true to this concept with the perfect seasoning for homemade barbeque sauces and all of your...

    Bay Salt Cajun Cayenne Salt
    Bay SaltCajunCayenne Salt

    Ingredients: Finely ground bay leaves and Mediterranean sea salt

    Net weight 3.2 oz.

    This hearty, spicy blend originates from the French-speaking peoples of Louisiana and the Gulf Coast and is ideal for everything from beef or lamb stews to Cajun-style catfish and shrimp gumbo.

    Ingredients: Finely ground cayenne pepper and Mediterranean sea salt

    Net weight 3.7 oz.

    Celery Salt Chile Pepper Salt China Black Tea with Jasmine Flowers
    Celery SaltChile Pepper SaltChina Black Tea with Jasmine Flowers

    Ingredients: Finely ground celery seeds and Mediterranean sea salt

    Net weight 3.4 oz.

    Ingredients: Finely ground red chile pepper and Mediterranean sea salt

    Net weight 3.4 oz.

    An enchanting combination of China black tea leaves with jasmine flower blossoms. This floral fusion will delight your senses.

    Chinese Five-Spice Cinnamon Sugar Citrus Pepper Blend
    Chinese Five-SpiceCinnamon SugarCitrus Pepper Blend

    The ubiquitous blend for Chinese cuisine, this sweet, warm, licorice-scented mix of spices makes an excellent marinade for all kinds of meats and seafood stir-fry preparations.

    Ingredients: True Ceylon cinnamon and organic cane sugar

    Net weight 4.4 oz.

    This blending of citrus zests, peppercorns and garlic makes everything taste great. Sprinkle it on any foodstuff your heart desires to immediately add a burst of flavorful flair. And for those who need to have a low-salt or salt-free diet, it...

    Clove Sugar Cocoa Sugar Coconut Sugar
    Clove SugarCocoa SugarCoconut Sugar

    Ingredients: Clove and organic cane sugar

    Net weight 4.4 oz.

    Ingredients: Unsweetened cocoa and organic cane sugar

    Net weight 3.7 oz.

    Ingredients: Coconut and organic cane sugar

    Net weight 2.4 oz.

    Coriander Salt Creole English Colonial
    Coriander SaltCreoleEnglish

    Ingredients: Finely ground coriander seeds and Mediterranean sea salt

    Net weight 3.1 oz.

    The Creole culture consists of a mixture of races and their cuisines, all coming together in the ‘melting pot’ of the Gulf Coast states and the Caribbean. This zesty, spicy blend is perfect for all manner of bean dishes, meats,...

    This herbaceous and quintessentially English seasoning will turn all of your poultry dishes into mouthwatering marvels. Elevate chicken, turkey, Cornish hens, duck or goose to soaring heights with this aromatic blending.

    Espresso Sugar Ethiopian Berberé Fennel Salt
    Espresso SugarEthiopian BerberéFennel Salt

    Ingredients: Espresso powder and organic cane sugar

    Net weight 4.2

    Berberé is the traditional spice blend essential to Ethiopian cuisine. It is deeply rich and intensely flavorful. Citrusy, earthy and peppery, this full-bodied blending is perfectly suited for beef or lamb stews with root vegetables,...

    Ingredients: Finely ground fennel seeds and Mediterranean sea salt

    Net weight 3.4 oz.

    Garam Masala Garlic Salt Ghost Pepper Salt
    Garam MasalaGarlic SaltGhost Pepper Salt

    Citrusy, peppery and earthy, this warm and sultry blend of spices from northern India is ideal for all manner of curried rice, potato, meat, fish and vegetarian dishes alike.

    Ingredients: Garlic powder and Mediterranean sea salt

    Net weight 3.2 oz.

    WARNING: This pepper is very hot!

    Ingredients: Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Pepper) and Mediterranean sea salt

    Ginger Salt Ginger Sugar Green Cardamom Salt
    Ginger SaltGinger SugarGreen Cardamom Salt

    Ingredients: Finely ground ginger and Mediterranean sea salt

    Net weight 3.2 oz.

    Ingredients: Ginger, organic cane sugar and all-natural, food grade ginger oil

    Net weight 3.2 oz.

    Ingredients: Finely ground green cardamom seeds and Mediterranean sea salt

    Net weight 3.2 oz.

    Green Chile Habañero Salt Herbes de Provence
    Green ChileHabañero Salt Herbes de Provence

    A very ‘green’ blend, perfect for green chili, guacamole and salsa verde.

    Ingredients: Habañero and Mediterranean sea salt

    From southern France comes this flavorfully floral blending of herbs and lavender flowers that transport your sensations to a summer herb garden. This heady mix is a perfect match for seafood, poultry, salad dressings and vegetarian dishes alike....

    Hickory Smoke Salt Old Italy Jalapeño Salt
    Hickory Smoke SaltItalianJalapeño Salt

    Ingredients: Hickory smoke and Mediterranean sea salt

    Net weight 3.0 oz.

    The sun-drenched Mediterranean offers a bounty of tasty spices and herbs that provide the basis for traditional Italian cuisine. From fresh tomato sauce to roasted meats, sautéed meatballs, sausage and vegetables, this mouthwatering blend...

    Ingredients: Jalapeño and Mediterranean sea salt

    Jamaican Jerk Japanese Togarishi (7-Spice) Kaffir Lime Salt
    Jamaican JerkJapanese Togarishi (7-Spice)Kaffir Lime Salt

    From the Caribbean island of Jamaica where spices such as allspice, also known as Jamaican Pepper, grow abundantly. This vivacious blend is alive with sweet spices, herbs and the hot habañero pepper and is an excellent seasoning for beef...

    Originating from the land of the rising sun, this one-of-a-kind blending of sesame seeds, sweet and tangy tangerine peel and toasted seeds and spices is a must for a truly remarkable homemade sushi, or for Japanese-style griddled or pan seared...

    Ingredients: Finely ground kaffir lime leaves, Mediterranean sea salt and all-natural, food grade lime oil

    Net weight 3 oz.

    Kaffir Lime Sugar Lavender Flower Sugar Lemon Salt
    Kaffir Lime SugarLavender Flower SugarLemon Salt

    Ingredients: Kaffir lime, organic cane sugar and all-natural, food grade lime oil

    Net weight 3.2 oz.

    Ingredients: Lavender flowers, organic cane sugar and all-natural, food grade lavender oil

    Net weight 3.7 oz.

    Ingredients: Mediterranean sea salt, finely ground lemon zest and all-natural, food grade lemon oil

    Net weight 3.2 oz.

    Lemon Sugar Madras Curry The exotic flavor of ancient India
    Lemon SugarMadras CurryMalabar Coast

    Ingredients: Organic cane sugar, lemon zest and all-natural, food grade lemon oil

    Net weight 3.7 oz.

    A curry which is steeped in tradition, this soft and sensual blend of eastern India and the Bay of Bengal, is aromatic and earthy, proving to be a sensational seasoning for all of your curried cravings, whether it be meat, poultry, seafood or...

    When explorers from around the world first came upon this lush, tropical coast, they were astounded at the plethora of spices which grew here in abundance. To this day, much of the world’s supply of black pepper and a variety of other...

    Manhattan Maple Sugar Medieval Monk's Blend
    ManhattanMaple SugarMedieval Monk's Blend

    From Manhattan Island, New York, this is a tomato-based seasoning to make that perfect Manhattan-style clam chowder or tomato soup. This zesty, tangy blend will spice-up rice or potato dishes, while also making the perfect flavoring for dips...

    Ingredients: Powdered maple syrup, granulated maple sugar and organic cane sugar

    Net weight 3.7 oz.

    Since we couldn’t travel back in time to the middle ages, we did a bit of research instead to formulate this extraordinary blend. Intriguing and mysterious, this seasoning adds an almost indescribable nuance of captivating flavor and aroma...

    New Spain Mole Moroccan

    This intense blending of enticing spices and herbs from South of the Border brings the festive flavors of Mexico home to you. Ideal for all meats, seafood, vegetables and bean dishes to add that Mexican flair to your food. Arriba! Ingredients:...

    Exquisitely flavorful, rich and sweet, this chocolate-tinged chile sauce is shrouded in Mexican legend. Coat turkey, chicken or pork with this sumptuous seasoning for a scintillating dining experience.

    Located between Europe and Africa, as well as the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, Morocco has been the recipient of many diverse culinary influences. Here we have a vibrant, lively blend of spices which can be combined with a variety of foods....

    Mustard Salt New England Pizza Blend
    Mustard SaltNew EnglandPizza Blend

    Ingredients: Mustard and Mediterranean sea salt

    Net weight 3.0 oz.

    A fresh, wholesome-tasting seasoning for the perfect New England chowder, cheese sauces and other cream-based fare.

    Bring the classic flavors of “Little Italy” into your own home with this tasty Italian-American blend. Sprinkle some on your pizza, pasta, tomato sauce and Italian sub-sandwich!

    Nutmeg Sugar Onion Salt Orange Salt
    Nutmeg SugarOnion SaltOrange Salt
    Ingredients: Freshly ground nutmeg and organic cane sugar Net weight 3.5 oz.

    Ingredients: Onion powder and Mediterranean sea salt

    Net weight 3.4 oz.

    Ingredients: Mediterranean sea salt, finely ground orange zest and all-natural, food grade orange oil

    Net weight 3.0 oz.

    Orange Sugar Oregano Salt Persian Advieh
    Orange SugarOregano SaltPersian Advieh
    Ingredients: Organic cane sugar, orange zest and all-natural, food grade orange oil Net weight 3.7 oz.

    Ingredients: Mediterranean sea salt, Mediterranean oregano and all-natural, food grade oregano oil

    Net weight 3.1 oz.

    Advieh is a traditional blending of spices in Persian culture. Enjoy this aromatic and vibrant, yet delicate, blend with rice dishes combined with chicken, chickpeas, lentils, lamb or fish.

    Peruvian Pickling Blend, Savory Pickling Blend, Spicy
    PeruvianPickling Blend, SavoryPickling Blend, Spicy

    A subtle and warming mixture of spices from the heart of South America, this delicately earthy blend is marvelous for meat stews, poultry, fish, ceviche (lemon/lime marinated fish), potato, quinoa and melted-cheese dishes.

    Ingredients: Mustard seeds, bay leaf, onion flakes, black peppercorns, dill, ginger, minced garlic and dill seeds


    Ingredients: Mustard, bay leaf, coriander seeds, ginger, black peppercorns, green peppercorns and bird's eye chilies

    Pickling Blend, Sweet Porcini Mushroom Salt Pork Seasoning
    Pickling Blend, SweetPorcini Mushroom SaltPork Seasoning

    Ingredients: Mustard seeds, coriander seeds, allspice berries, bay leaf, mace blades, ginger, cinnamon sticks and cloves

    Ingredients: Mediterranean sea salt and finely ground porcini mushrooms Net weight 3.2 oz.

    Pork never tasted so good! This is a savory blending of herbs and spices that hearkens back to colonial times. Pork loin, chops, ribs and ground pork will become succulent sensations when combined with this tempting American blend.

    Portuguese Quatre Épices Ras el Hanout
    PortugueseQuatre ÉpicesRas el Hanout

    Here is a melding of ingredients influenced by traditional Mediterranean cultures as well as hundreds of years of Portuguese global exploration, which brought back to the homeland a variety of spices from around the world. A marvelously sumptuous...

    This spicy fusion of peppercorns and spices from France (literally meaning ‘four spices’) will add a lively and peppery ‘bite’ to your food. Marvelous for dry-rubbed and marinated seafood and meats, as well as all grilled...

    This North African blend means “Head (or Top) of the Shop”, meaning that the proprietor sells only the very best quality of spices. This enticing mixture has a complex character. Deep and lively, aromatic and intense, you will find...

    Red Chile Rose Petal Sugar Rosemary Salt
    Red ChileRose Petal SugarRosemary Salt

    A very ‘red’ blend, made with a mélange of chile peppers. Add some fire to beef and bean chilies, southwestern-style stews and omelets.

    Ingredients: Organic cane sugar and finely ground red rose petals Net weight 4.1 oz.

    Ingredients: Mediterranean sea salt, finely ground rosemary leaves and all-natural, food grade rosemary oil

    Net weight 3.2 oz.

    Sage Salt Santa Fe Seasoning Scandinavian
    Sage SaltSanta Fe SeasoningScandinavian

    Ingredients: Mediterranean sea salt and finely ground sage leaves

    Net weight 3.2 oz.

    Santa Fe, New Mexico is the oldest colonial town in North America and to her doorstep arrive the very best chilies from all over the state. Thus we have blended a variety of red, sun-ripened peppers to create the flavor that is reminiscent of the...

    A sprightly, refreshing blend from the northernmost reaches of Europe, where the diet relies heavily on fish from the sea. This then is the perfect pairing with baked or sautéed fish, fishcakes and scallops.

    An evocative blend ideal for ground meat kabobs, hummus & yogurt dips Southeast Asian Spanish
    Silk RoadSoutheast AsianSpanish

    The great Silk Road, stretching for thousands of miles across the Middle East and Asia, was the single link that brought fine silk, perfumes and spices by caravan to many peoples and places across the ancient world. Here is an exciting blend of...

    Encompassing the countries from Thailand to Indonesia, this wildly exotic blend is infused with coconut and kaffir lime leaf. Spicy, citrusy and herbaceous, this flavorful fusion proves to be a sensationally enticing experience with pork, seafood...

    Spain, a land still steeped in tradition and timeless cuisine. This intensely rich and heady blending of zesty herbs and spices is a must for Spanish-style shrimp, meats, stews, gazpacho, Tortilla Español, and especially paella....

    Spearmint Sugar Spice Islands Spice of the Ancients
    Spearmint SugarSpice IslandsSpice of the Ancients

    Ingredients: Organic cane sugar, finely ground spearmint leaves and all-natural, food grade oil of spearmint

    Net weight 4.3 oz.

    The Maluku Islands, historically known as “The Spice Islands”, were once the only source for nutmeg and mace (which is the orange-colored, lacy outer covering of nutmeg). You will find this appetizing assortment of sweet and tingly...

    Archaeological evidence demonstrates that these were the more commonly used herbs and spices of the ancient peoples from the Mediterranean, the Near East and parts of Europe. Therefore we developed a blend based on these key ingredients in an...

    Tabil The Pink Blend The Seafarer
    TabilThe Pink BlendThe Seafarer

    “Tabil” means ‘spices’ in Arabic and this charming blend is a staple of both Tunisian and Algerian cuisine. Both pungent and robust, the clean, fresh, elevated flavor of this seasoning will work wonders in a variety of...

    Pink Pepper, also known as Rose Pepper, is actually a berry. This elegantly fanciful blend will impart a tint of pink color and a hint of fruity-sweet flavor to your meals. So add that ‘special touch’ to white and red meats, seafood...

    The catch of the day is only a pinch of spice away from becoming your most superb entrée! Your favorite seafood dish will lure you in after you have baited your taste buds with this truly delightful blend of spices and herbs that recreates...

    The Wilde Blend Turkish Baharat Vanilla Sugar
    The Wilde BlendTurkish BaharatVanilla Sugar

    If you enjoy hunting or fishing and the great outdoors, or even backyard grilling and smoking (meats and fish…that is, not a cigar, pipe, etc.), then this blend is for you! A truly superb seasoning for wild game (or store bought), such as...

    Occupying the crossroads between Europe and the Near East, Turkey is a place of dynamic contrasts. Meat and vegetable kabobs and stews, vegetable, bean and yogurt dips paired with this intensely lively and beguiling blend will leave your taste...

    Ingredients: Organic cane sugar and finely ground vanilla

    Net weight 4.2 oz.

    West African Tsire A truly tantalizing blend for all meats and seafood Winds of the Orient
    West African TsireWest Indies CurryWinds of the Orient

    The rich taste of this unique blend is due to the addition of peanut, which gives it its signature nutty flavor and aroma. The peanuts are then combined with sweet and savory spices and spicy peppers to make this an excellently succulent...

    A tantalizing blending of exotic spices from the Caribbean which is ideally suited for all kinds of rice dishes with seafood, meats or vegetables.

    The Far East abounds in a wide variety of spices, from sweet cassia and vivacious ginger in the more temperate regions, to rich cinnamon and delightful star anise in the tropics. The Chinese have long made culinary marvels with these fine...

    Za'atar Zanzibar

    A traditional mixture of toasted sesame seeds and Middle Eastern herbs widely used in both Arabic and Israeli cuisine. Nutty, tangy and savory, this tasty blend is the perfect complement for hummus, a variety of dips, such as Baba Ghanoush...

    From the southeastern region of Africa, Zanzibar boasts a colorful history. Lying across the sea trade routes from Europe to Asia, while situated near to the spice–rich island of Madagascar, has brought with it a diversity of marvelous...